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Recently the Verge managed to have interview of Dennis Hwang. Earelier Dennis Hwang was working with Google, During Burning Man Festival of 1998, Larry Page and Sergey Brin designed the first doodle in order to notify users of their absence. Subsequently Dennis Hwang was assigned to create Google logos.Hwang’s first logo design for Google was in honor of Bastille Day,July 14, 2000, at the request of Larry Page and Sergey Brin, and he has been designing the specialty logos ever since. He creates about 50 Google logos each year.Other logos have been designed commemorating Thanksgiving, Christmas, and other events such as Piet Mondrian’s birthday. Hwang also designed the iconic Gmail logo on the night before its release.

That was a lot of information on Dennis Hwang right ? Dennis Hwaga and his team played very important role for development of Pokemon Go.Dennis Hwang is director of visual design at Niantic Labs.

The interview was an amazing session which threw a lot of light on the hard work of developers and designers of Pokemon Go and what makes this amazing game so special.

Here are few questions and answers:-
Interviewer-Let’s talk about the success of Pokemon Go. At what moment did you say “okay, this is going to be big?”

Dennis Hwang: My memory’s a little fuzzy because our whole team was so sleep-deprived around launch time, but what I remember most now is when people started organizing their own events and public park crawls and pub crawls. With Ingress that’s actually what we spent a lot of our time and energy trying to organize. We had dedicated teams writing the fiction, finding the event space, doing the marketing and PR … it’s just a tremendous amount of energy we put in. But with Pokémon Go’s launch it just kind of happened. One person in one city will say “Hey let’s gather, let’s do this,” and the ticker just kept going up and up. I think 9000-plus people said they were going to [the SF meet-up in July]; that’s a lot of people to be roaming around the city spontaneously because one guy loved the app and loved the idea of roaming around together.

Interviewer-Have you already started work on the next game for Niantic, or the next Pokemon?

DH: We’re looking at lots of projects. Niantic’s strategy is heavily a platform play, so we’re not trying to limit ourselves too much to one or two sets of experiences. We want other people to be able to build interesting fictional experiences on top of the real-world-based technology that we’ve built. So it may not be Niantic that builds it, but we’re talking to a lot of interesting partners already.It’s hard to talk about this, I can’t say who…but the Pokémon idea was sort of a shoe in. You just looked at it and said “Oh wow, this makes sense,” the idea of going around the world and seeking out these little creatures to capture and befriend. So without naming specific partners, I think there’s a huge space of such opportunities that’s still remaining that could hugely benefit from a platform like ours.

If you wanna read full interview click here, its was an amazing session with Dennis Hwang. Hwang threw light on what future interface or what update Pokemon Go interface may have.So what do you think Future of Pokemon Go would look like.Lemme know by connecting to me on social media i.e. Snapchat-Vibsz16 and Instagram.Be sure to stay connected to us for all latest news on Pokemon Go as well as Anime Season.Also if you are a tech addict and want to write about your favorite technology that can be any thing gadgets, app review, computer hardware/software review etc. write your request Here.

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