Dragon Ball Super Episode 64- ‘ The Supreme God Zamasu ‘ – Top 3 WTF


Dragon Ball Super Episode 64 was just amazing. You know what, I won’t even declare anymore top 3 or top 5 episodes before this arc ends. Every single week they are surpassing our expectations. The consistency is unbelievably good; we are not only getting excellent episodes we are getting excellent episode with different types of epic materials. Each episode is stunning us in different ways.


The animation quality of this episode was really cool! I think it’s one of the finest edited episodes of this arc till now. There were some inconsistencies or scenes that might bother you a bit, but those factors were highly overshadowed by some of the intense and amazing scenes we got. Like the fusion of Zamasu and Black or Black’s clone army.

First, let’s take a look at the top 3 WTF of this episode-

3. Black’s Mysterious Power-

Dragon Ball Super Episode 64- ' The Supreme God Zamasu ' - Top 3 WTF
Dragon Ball Super Episode 64- Black’s Cythe

We know Vegeta immensely powered up after returning from the past. Goku Black is envious of Vegeta’s power and tried to figure out the secret behind this sudden boost. Black figured it must be due to rage or anger Vegeta was able to surpass him so easily, Even though he considers the method as some dirty mortal technique. He uses it to his advantage and ends up developing his ki blade into a mysterious grim reaper’s scythe.

He developed powers which were even mysterious to him, and remained so even for the audience.  The scythe created something that looked like a portal from one universe or timeline to another, but we don’t know for sure what it exactly was and how it worked. Though we came to know about its functionality to some extent, as it cuts to the next scene we see smokes forming into clones of Goku Black. Seeing the last episode preview most fans thought it could be something like Kid Goku, Tien and others used to use in the Dragon Ball days, but this one is quite different. No matter how many clones Goku and Vegeta kept destroying they stated reforming in even greater numbers. It seemed there were no ways of out of it, and they didn’t actually find a way out of it, but due to what Trunks did to Zamasu Black had to leave resulting in the clones and that portal looking thing disappearing. I don’t know what Black was thinking maybe he thought the clones would remain even if he left, as he clearly stated he had no idea of what he was doing with his newfound power, but either ways going back to Zamasu would still be the priority from his side.

I want to mention one thing though, here Black actually tried to mimic the Saiyan rage to unlock even more power. As he is using the body of a Saiyan, but a true Saiyan rage can’t be faked no matter how hard he tries. Like, Vegeta mentioned in the last episode he can never win because he is just a fake. Leading me to believe that’s why he will ultimately lose and realize you can’t become a Saiyan just by stealing a Saiyan body.


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