Pokemon Go Halloween Costume Winning The Internet


As the Pokemon Go craze has increased so much it was nothing new to see this as upcoming news, why settle for being a video game character for Halloween when you can be an entire video game? Matt Borgelt’s Pokémon Go costume, posted to his Instagram account yesterday, is not only detailed and ambitious, it allows you to play a truncated version of the game to boot.

While some might be thinking about allowing strangers to throw things at their midsection, Mr.Borgelt is a brave soul. When you spin the Pokestop in his hand it’ll give you Pokeballs, which you can then throw at a Pikachu affixed to his stomach. It even mimics the second long pause where you’re not sure if you’ve caught the Pokemon or not.The impeccable attention to detail extends not only to Pokemon Go, but the man sized phone as well.

Despite noticeably losing fervor since its insane launch, Pokemon Go is still making $2 million a day. Its effect on the world is hard to ignore – a recent study even estimates that Pokemon Go players took 100 billion steps in just three months.Also as the Halloween Event in Pokemon Go ends lets see what’s more in store for Pokemon Go.

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