AnimeBlog’s Fan Art Contest November 2016


AnimeBlog’s Fan Art Contest is the contest for you to show everyone in the world how awesome your drawing skills are. You just have to send them to us by the instructions below Here are all the details you need to know……

  • The contest starts on 1st November,2016 and ends on 15th November, 2016.
  • The contest will have two separate categories for fan arts i.e Traditional and Digital
  • You can chose only ONE drawing from your old drawings or just make a new one in the given time.
  • Make an email with keyword ‘traditional’ or ‘digital’ as the subject and send your art to with your brief details.
  • You will soon receive a confirmation message that your drawing is considered for the contest
  • These drawings will be judged by the following people:

Kassidy Harjo (Artist), Nikki Nyguen (Artist), Talha Waseem (Author), Sagar Patel (Author), Chris Oxedine (Author)….

  • The Top 15 of the arts we recieve will be published on our Facebook Page on 17th November and First Place will be announced on 20th November
  • geo-cp-k4-kakashi-eyes-naruto-animation-contact-lens-3First time, our contest will be featuring a distinct prize for the best art we receive in both┬ácategories. One Contact Lens Sharingan from our shop of your choice for the First Place of Traditional as well as Digital category…..



For any queries, message our Facebook Page and we will answer it ASAP! Good Luck……..


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