Pokémon Generations has just released their 10th episode!


Pokémon Generations has just released their 10th episode!


Fans who love all Generations of Pokemon will love this action packed Youtube series by The Pokemon Company!

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Pokemon Generations has been amazing so far, with the content The Pokemon Company has produced so far with it, it’s almost like the action packed thriller anime we’ve all wanted. We’ve seen Pokemon Origins, which is very short and ends at the Fourth Episode, technically this version was spot on with the story plot even though it was rushed. Pokemon Origins would have been the perfect Pokemon anime if they took their time and made a few seasons out of it. 

Pokemon Generations Youtube Description:

Pokémon Generations revisits each generation of the Pokémon video game series to shed new light on some timeless moments. From the earliest days in the Kanto region to the splendor of the Kalos region, go behind the scenes and witness Pokémon history with new eyes! These bite-sized adventures, about 3 to 5 minutes long, will be released every week through December 23, 2016.

While this version of the Pokemon anime has been very pleasurable for us fans of the anime, the episodes are very short and last around 6 minutes long. They’ve yet to give us a nice long anime we want that includes red other than the four episode Pokemon Origins anime I mentioned earlier. With the output of recent animes they’ve released i’m sure it will come in due time.

You can watch the full episode here:

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