Here’s how to prepare for the Upcoming Pokemon Go Events!

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Here’s how to prepare for the Upcoming Pokemon Go Events!

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A redditor by the name of RedWarpPrism, someone whose been featured in my articles before, has created a list with the help of friends and other redditors to help the community prepare for the upcoming event in the best way.

  • Consider clearing out all of your junk pokes. And by that, I mean “plan what Pokemon you’re going to transfer right as it starts so you can afford the space when you go out and catch.” –u/jake_eric
  • Stock up on balls. Pots are not as important.
  • Save up for incubators / buy them during the event. Maybe this also means walking off all your 2km eggs in the next few days.
  • Get good spots in as many high level gyms as you can right now. You don’t want to be fighting gyms during the event and this also makes good use of your pots to free up bag space.
  • Walk your buddy up to X-0.1 km the night before. You can also walk your eggs up to X-0.1 if you incubated a lot of them at the same time.
  • Optional: map out paths that contain a lot of known spawn points.
  • Borrow someone’s portable charger or get your own.

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