Here are all the Pokemon that has an increase on Halloween and Niantic hasn’t told you about it

Pokemon Go Halloween Event Pokemon
Pokemon Go Halloween Event Pokemon

So far Niantic has only told us about an increase in Gastly, Haunter, Gengar, Drowzee, Hypo and Zubat, but here are all the Pokemon you can catch this Halloween, their spawn rate is increased by a big time! Good luck catching them!

We asked a question on our 2.9M Pokemon Go Page and this is what we got!

Btw the new Login Screen is too damn awesome!

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Mewoth – Way Too Damn Many Spawns!

Image result for Meowth Pokemon Go


Marowak – Way Too Damn Many Spawns

Image result for Marowak Pokemon Go

Muk – Overall Spawns Increased

Image result for Muk Pokemon Go

Ekans – Overall Spawns Increased

Image result for ekans Pokemon Go

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