No Pokemon Popping Up On Halloween Event – Bug Or Ban?

Pokemon Go Pokemon NoT Spawning Halloween Event

With the Halloween Event ongoing lots of Pokemon trainers are out catching Spooky Pokemon, while some users are reporting that the Pokemon are not popping up in their screen, however the Pokemon are still there in the sighting option.

Many Pokemon Trainers are reporting this issue, some users even uninstalled and re-installed the app but somehow the issue is still not resolving.

One of the user reported that,

” This happening to anyone else? It’ll show where they’re supposed to be, but they never pop up for me. Me and my cousin were out hunting last night, and they’d pop up on his but not mine. I’ve tried everything. I’ve turn my phone off and back on, uninstalled and reinstalled the game, I’ve even turned my mobile data off and back on. And nothing!”


So what does this mean? is there a bug on Pokemon Go after the recent update? or the trainers who are reporting this issue are banned for sometime? However they can still access their account and see Pokemon in sighting but Pokemon won’t up in their screen for them to catch!

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