How Strong is Might Guy?

How Strong Is Might Guy?

The Taijutsu Beast, Might Guy, is incredibly strong to sum it up in a sentence, but that doesn’t really do him justice. So in honour of his sheer power let’s take a closer look at Guy and analyse his strengths.
Sheer Strength
After many years of arduous and even ridiculous training Guy has gained unbelievable levels of strength.
Guy has shown the ability to defeat strong opponents of Chunin an even Jonin level in a single punch way before Saitama popularized it. From very early on we saw Guy punching and kicking guys around like nobody’s business through walls or whatever else. The surrounding environment usually end up just as bad as his opponent in longer fights.

How Strong Is Might Guy?
Even before Guy opens any of the Eight Gates his strength is hard to believe.
To complement his strength Might Guy also possesses insane levels of speed. While never being the fastest Ninja in the series, Guy has shown that he can keep up with the best of them even before he starts opening any of the Eight Gates.

How Strong Is Might Guy?
Able to catch enemies by surprise with his wit and speed very easily is a skill Guy has used many times, even Jiraiya at one time.

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