Future Trunks’s New Form, Hero Or Zero?

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Hey everyone! I’m back again to discuss this old matter revolving around Trunk’s “new” Super Saiyan Form. So far I hear were calling it Super Saiyan False Blue……anyways let me just get started on what I want to talk about already!

So to begin with, this discussion will be specifically about Trunk’s new form and whether or not it was useful or not. I am opening this up to everyone because I really want to know what was the point of Toei, and Akira Toriyama for doing this. So, without further ado lets get this going.

For those of you who have been under a rock and have no idea what I’m talking about let me just give a quick description of what I’m talking about. Trunks’s form can be described as:

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  • Super Saiyan (Yellow Hair)
  • Super Saiyan Blue flares revolving form his body
  • Eye pupils vanished (Just like Broly when he’s gone mad)

Now that that is out of the way, lets discuss what happened.

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