Naruto vs Sasuke, Who Is Stronger?! Kishimoto Answered It Himself!

sasuke vs naruto

Hey there everyone! Here again and today I’m going to be settling probably one of the longest ongoing rivalries over the past 15 years. Some of you may disagree, some may agree, and some wont care at all.

However, for those of you that want to know the truth and what the author himself has said, that’s what I’m here to provide for you all today. The truth behind who is actually stronger, Naruto or Sasuke.

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To begin with, the answer I’m going to provide that Kishimoto has stated himself comes from one single source of information. That information was also written by Kishimoto.

That main source is from one of the final data books of the Naruto series. The data book contains info for the next gen of ninja as well as more information regarding the time skip of Sasuke and Naruto.

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