Action Anime Coming Out/Broadcasting In November!


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There are lots of action anime in this fall season and most have started broadcasting. Here a few that you really should be watching!

Brave Witches – Action, Military

Action Anime Coming Out/Broadcasting In November!

This action anime is set during World War II, when an unknown species named ‘Neuroi’ invades Earth with immense power. ‘Witches’ are girls with special powers and they train to become the fighting force against this alien power. The main character, Hikari Karibuchi, is a student training to become a witch but she has weak magic ability. However her sister, Takumi, is a legendary witch who is often fighting on the front lines (she’s an idol and really famous).

Hikari wants to join her sister in Europe, where there are fights happening and she undergoes an exam and passes! She goes to Europe with Takumi on a ship and while they’re sailing there, a neuroi army invades them. Takumi tries to defend the ship and destroy the neuroi and is injured severely in the process. Hikari wanting to prove herself and protect the ship, naively tries to fight them off herself. Hikari almost dies but is saved by the 501st Joint Fighter Wing who rush to her aid. She then joins the 501st Joint Fighter Wing in the place of Takumi.

This anime is awesome and one of my favourites this season!

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