Pokemon Go Updated To New Version, More Details and New Screenshots UPDATED

New Pokemon Go Update

So earlier Pokemon Go was updated to new features and this time they have added some interesting features in the game

Pokemon Go game was updated to Version 0.43.3 for Android users and 1.13.3 for iOS users.

Image result for pOKEMON gO UPDATE

So it’s good to know that Niantic actually cares about their players, I remember seeing users requesting that they want certain features in the game and yeah Niantic added those certain features.

There was an update on The Pokemon Egg, that from now on you will be able to tell What KM egg it is, just by looking at them as their pattern for each egg will be different . I think this is pretty good and it might come in handy! This feature was requested by trainers.

Egg Update Screenshots:


The other thing Niantic added in this update is Pokemon Type ICONS for each Pokemon on the information screen. Well this doesn’t change much still it’s an interesting features and it was requested by trainers as well.

Pokemon Type icon Screenshots



Here are the release notes, other details and how to get update before it’s released everywhere.

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