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Today we will be comparing Manga and Anime. I will bring up all the good and bad edges in both of these subjects. These are totally my own views so if you don’t agree with all this,make sure you tell me in the comments.

Manga is a hand drawn illustration of a story while anime is the animate-ive adaptation of the manga.

(Not including the character detailing)

Mental exercise

Manga is usually in black and white colors as it is hand drawn but anime is full of colors giving a clear perception of every thing. Manga usually explains the the background in bit so the reader has to user his mental imagination to think about the whole situation. While in anime, the background is clearly visible and doesn’t need much brain storming .


Easier handling

These day e-manga are widely available. Almost every smart device can download software which have readable manga available. You can download this manga and read it almost anywhere. Even while in a public transportation or while sitting at the last bench of a boring class *smh*.

Anime on the other hand needs a device to watch on and a headset of you are watching it in a public place. An episode is about 22 min long(not including the opening and closing theme) while the same chapter could be read in much less time.


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