What If Kuruma Never Attacked The Hidden Leaf?


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I just recently had a thought about ” How strong would Naruto be if Kuruma never attacked the hidden leaf village?”. After thinking for awhile I came up with this. All of this is my own opinion and thinking , if in anyway it contradicts what you think, make sure you tell us in the comments.

Let’s get started

In this theory , Minato and Kushina would be alive as Kuruma never attacked the village. In the original story, the main reasons for Naruto’s powers were Kuruma and his dedication. If Kuruma never attacked , Kushina would still be the jinchuuriki of 9 tails.


In the Boruto: The movie, we saw Boruto and Himawari have whiskers just like Naruto, that is due to the chakra of Naruto ( we can assume that we may see Boruto and Himawari doing bad ass things with 9 tails chakra), As while Naruto was born, Kushina was still the Jinchuuriki, Naruto may also have the chakra within him.


Obviously the chakra wouldn’t be much but it will still give a lot of powers to Naruto. Naruto might not learn his signature move , that is ” Kage-Bunshin no jutsu or Shadow clone jutsu” as the source of the technique was the HoKage’s forbidden scroll. He stole the scroll after getting misguided by Mizuki ( Mizuki would never do it if he wasn’t the Jinchuriki).


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