Anime As Moral Education For Kids

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I love anime and many people all over the world love anime too. The amount of awesome anime is damn to high and they are available in every genre. What ever you wanna watch, love,friendship , action and even Hentai .. LOL, everything is available. This is like a bundle of emotions in a branch. What I conclude from watching shit tons of anime is that, with time-pass, entertainment and excitement , anime also gives moral educational lessons.

When  a child passes the age of 10, his moral education should start so that he can be a better human being in the future and can understand the social life. According to me the best way is Anime. Here i will be giving a no. of examples after which

you will definitely agree with me

P.S- Hentai is not included in moral education. Not all anime help in moral teaching but still there are bunch of these types of anime.


Friends are very important in a persons life. This importance should be taught to a child. And there are a bunch of anime which explains the meaning and value of friendship. For eg – Naruto, OP, Bleach and many more. These anime teaches that friends are the best thing that can happen to you and  you should always protect them. Go to any extent to save your friends and never leave them when they are in need.

They also teach us that a person doing something wrong should be given at least once chance. These things are difficult to be taught in just theory but watching an anime makes a much bigger impact on the child.


Hard work

Another thing that anime teaches us is that anything could be accomplished with training and hard work. Even if you are born strong, if you don’t train yourself, others will surpass you. Training and hard work are the key to success.

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