Dragon Ball Super Episode 63- Top 5 WTF

Dragon Ball Super Episode  Goku Black vs Vegeta

Dragon Ball Super Episode 63 was absolutely amazing and mind blowing! A perfect action packed episode!  I am getting hysterical! This is the first time in Dragon Ball Super all the Vegeta fans will be 100% satisfied! Vegeta was intense right from the word go! Absolutely perfect, Vegeta has not been this badass in a long time. The animation was outstanding, things really looked serious. You got to love the seriousness in Goku and Vegeta. Honestly, it’s more serious than it ever has been. Now, with the Dragon Balls destroyed a death could as well be permanent.  Vegeta has been perfect in terms of action, looks, dialogs, and everything! I waited so long for this! Vegeta delivered a legendary speech after a long time. The episode actually ends with Vegeta saying he is the Saiyan Prince. If I am not wrong this is the first time Vegeta said that in Dragon Ball Super!



I am rating this episode 9.5/10

Certainly on Top 3 of DBS!

Now, for the top 5 WTF of Episode 63 –

  1. Mai vs Black-


Mai decides to kill Black with a specialized bullet Future Bulma had created with the purpose of taking out Super Human Beings. It was brave of Mai to do that, but at the same time idiotic. No matter how special the bullet is, it was only obvious that it wasn’t going to kill someone with Universe level durability like Goku Black. Mai’s decision was undoubtedly influenced more by emotions rather than logic. That scene, however, was really cool, Mai targeted Black with a Sniper like a pro assassin and even though the Bullet couldn’t really hurt Black but he was caught by surprise off guard and fell off the chair. At the end, I think  Mai and the resistance army is a refreshing addition. It is good to know that normal humans are having roles in Dragon Ball Universe. In DC or Marvel comics, we see a lot of involvement from normal humans, and in this arc, we have seen a lot like that. Like, all credits of the time machine obviously go to Bulma. So, it was good to watch. The change of location was also due to this as Trunks arrived at the spot to defend Mai and fought Black and Zamasu near their hideout house in the mountains.


  1. Trunks Self-destruction


Trunks realized there was no way to defeat Zamasu just by attacking him no matter how hard he tried due to his regeneration abilities. But, Trunks thought if Zamasu was totally blown off maybe he wouldn’t be able to regenerate. After using Vegeta’s Final Flash and Galick Gun, Trunks tried another of his move. The same self-explosion Vegeta used against Majin Buu sacrificing himself, and it looks like Trunk attempted to do the same, but was stopped by Black’s ki Blade interference before he could finish it.  This showed the extent Trunks is ready to go to take them out, truly amazing!


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