10 Strongest Ice Users


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Element abilities are total bad ass. Ice element power is really strong. The effect can be either pleasant or disastrous , depending on the way the users uses it. Today’s list will have a mix of good and evil Ice wielders.

If in any way you disagree with any of the characters or you think that we missed a certain character, make sure you get your views in the comments.

P.S- To avoid fanwars, this is not a ranked list 

1) Yukina from Yu Yu Hakusho

Yukina is a very kind and polite girl who’s a bit naive.She is an Ice Maiden whose powers are both unique and extreme. She can freeze a whole room in defense just in an instant. Her tears are formed into to a solid ice crystal covered by demons and is said to only happen after giving birth to a child. She also has the ability to heal others from injuries and can heal herself almost instantly as well as being able to feel no physical pain.


2) Princess Snow Kaguya from Sailor Moon S

She is the main antagonist in Sailor Moon S and was proven to be a very powerful user of ice and snow. Her main aim is to cover the earth with ice and snow.Doing this will please her so much she will add the frozen Earth to her collection of frozen planets she’s acquired. She also has the ability to create her very own minions called, Snow Dancers, to help complete her goal of freezing the world.


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