New Naruto Shippuuden Opening 20


Naruto Shippuuden has finally introduced a new opening after the fourth great ninja war has ended. Well there is a bunch of other openings that the franchise consists of. But I assure you this one is on a whole new different level. The new opening started on this week’s episodes, as the new story setup about the after math of the war proceeds. Not to mention its sound, lyrics and artwork where great, well you might  like to try it out.

 : The new opening is called Karanokokoro composed by Anly. And if you have watched it I’m sure you know what I’m talking about. This is likely to come with a new season if more episodes are to air but given that Naruto is on the brink of its ending it might not be the case. Not to mention that this might be the last opening of the series, unless something happens otherwise.

 : The animation included in this opening are legendary. Evidenced by the hokage platoon showing the First through to the seventh Hokage. It include new characters design as you can also see Hinata and team 7’s new looks and Kakashi is also on his duty in office.

efafeccfcfaefbbWell guys it is interesting that Naruto has finally comes to its calm times. And its been a while since the last time we saw people smiling, or Naruto and Sasuke shaking hands. And this time all we can do is sit back and enjoy while the story unfolds itself of what happened Before Boruto the movie. See you guy soon xD.

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