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Welcome to the first article of Pokemon Lore. Each week I will explore the story of a pokemon, trainer and even geographical locations within the Pokemon world. All references will be draw from the anime, manga and main series games. This week is Team Mystic’s representative Pokemon Articuno.

Articuno’s home


Articuno is the legendary ice Pokemon from the Kanto Region. Both the Manga and main series games document the Seafoam Islands as Articuno’s home. Articuno is known to live in top snowy mountain peaks. The Pokemon games present the Seafoam Islands as cold and isolated islands. In generation II, strong whirlpools surround the islands preventing weak trainers from stepping foot on the islands. Large, cold, dark caves are found in the center of the islands. Articuno’s lair is said to reside within the deepest, coldest area of the cave. In the anime, the islands are portrayed as a sunny tropical resort. In fact, Articuno’s presence doesn’t seem to exist anime’s version of the Seafoam Islands. The manga describes the islands as a forest . In the middle of the islands are large, tall mountain peaks, the home of Articuno. This is where Team Rocket fights and captures a weakened Articuno.  

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Ash, Misty, Brock and Todd, a Pokemon photographer, travel to the mountains of the Johto Region, Snowtop Mountain, in search of Articuno. According to local residents from Snowtop, Articuno has lived in those mountains for 1200 years. Officer Jenny tells the group how many people believe that Articuno still has nests in all the coldest, highest places of the mountains and that Articuno flies to each nests bringing winter along with it. .


Team Rocket & Articuno


In the manga, Pokemon Adventures, Team Rocket is on a mission to capture the three legendary bird trio. Team Rocket along with gym leader Koga, arrive in Seafoam Island, in search of Articuno. It doesn’t take long for the evil gang to find articuno and begin a group attack against the legendary pokemon. Articuno’s great power proves that capturing it would not be easy for Team Rocket, despite their overwhelming numbers.  Meanwhile, Red also arrives to the island thanks to MIsty’s Gyarados. Team Rocket notices Red’s appearance and begin to attack him as well. Red calls out Misty’s Gyarados to battle against Team Rocket however Gyarados suffered a trauma during the battle due to his history with Team Rocket as lab experiment. Seeing this, Team Rocket’s Pokemon begin to attack Red. With Gyarados incapacitated it seems Team Rocket’s Pokemon are about to finish of Red until Articuno steps in and saves Red by freezing the attacking Pokemon. However, In doing so, it left itself defenseless against the remaining attacks from Team Rocket. With devastating blows from Team Rocket’s Pokemon Articuno is finally weakened and captured. Red, suffering defeat, vows to save Articuno from Team Rocket.

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Red travels to Saffron City, where Green, his rival had called him. Green had managed to receive intel indication that Team Rocket was in Saffron City. Red and Green split up to try and find Team Rocket. Unknowing to both trainers, Team Rocket was expecting them and had a trap set up for both trainers. Koga, one of three top leaders of Team Rocket, managed to sneak up behind Green and strike a blow. As Green hits the floor, Koga’s Grimer manages to paralyze Green, keeping him from using his Pokemon. Red, after battling with Team Rocket’s second leader, Lt. Surge, manages to catch up to Green. As Red begins to battle Koga Green manages to escape the Grimer’s grip. Now both trainers seem more confident as a two on one battle begins. However, Koga unleashes his trump card, Articuno. Koga orders Articuno to freeze the room and the two trainers. Articuno’s cold blizzard freezes the room and the both trainers, leaving them helpless. As Koga sees he is victorious he laughs at the two trainers as he turns his back on them until he feels a scorching attack hit him in the back. To his surprise, Koga finds Red and Green defrosted thanks to Green’s Charizard, whom he had called out just before Articuno managed to freeze them both. Thanks to the surprise attack on Koga Red and Green managed to confiscate the Soul Badge from Koga, which he was using to control Articuno. With the Soul Badge now gone from the hands of Koga, Articuno was now freed. Until, Sabrina the third member of Team Rocket, managed to trick and capture Articuno thanks to her Kadabra.

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