Pokémon GO’s still in ‘Rollout Phase’!

Pokemon Go trading feature

Pokémon GO’s still in ‘Rollout Phase’!


For those of you who are wondering about all the ‘unnecessary’ updates here’s a brief explanation for the delay of major updates. 

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With the GO Plus being nearly perfected, Pokemon GO’s updates seem to have come to a stand still. So tons of trainers are wondering where’s the Trading, Battling, Legendary Pokemon and Tracking updates, hell it’s even got tons of editors who’ve tried to predict future updates worried. 

When it comes down to it, Pokemon GO is still in it’s ‘Rollout Phase‘, and I’ve noticed this ‘Rollout Phase’ being mentioned in many interviews the Devs have had recently when asked about updates. Such as the most recent interview with Raza Ahmad whose a Creative Designer for Pokemon GO, who mentioned that the game is still on Page 1, Chapter One of it’s story.

 Trainers should understand that the game will continue to work on fixing it’s errors, perfecting the API and releasing to the countries that don’t have the game yet. While the list of countries without Pokemon GO slims down, Niantic will still be busy testing their new tracking system and working on major updates for next year.

Raza Ahmad, Creative Developer for Pokemon GO

While it’s unlikely for Pokemon GO to release anymore major updates during Rollout Phase, I’d personally think they’d start releasing updates such as the tracking system and trading by New Years. Though that’s just another prediction, it seems more likely to see at’least one of these. From the way John Hanke has spoken about trading in previous interviews he seems pretty keen on releasing trading before battling, as he’s made it very clear he’s not working on battling as of now. In California I know they did release a beta test on the new tracking system however I’ve yet to see any updates on this, I’d like to think they’d get this done before the year is over which could be a possibility. 

So if you’re expecting any huge updates, I’d just wait it out and see what happens by Christmas. If tracking and trading are not out by Christmas, then I can assure you that the plan is to finish the ‘Rollout Phase’ and zoom right into releasing all of the Major Updates one by one including the Legendary Pokemon. As John Hanke mentioned in previous interviews over the past months, he’s had some social events for Ingress players which he’s stated he will be using these as tests to host future Pokemon GO events for trainers such as Pokemon Festivals.

When do I think this ‘Rollout Phase’ will be over? Early 2017..  though realistically it could be anywhere from next week to 6 months from now based upon the updates Niantic’s released so far.

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I hope this has cleared some things up for you, if so then please let us know in the comment section, that’s all for today though be sure to like our Pokemon GO fan page on Facebook!

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