Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 ” Goku Masters The Mafuba ” – Review

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Dragon Ball Super Episode 62 was a really cool episode. I enjoyed it a lot. The last episode was totally action packed compared to that there were not much action in this episode, however, there was some really intense actions, reanimation of a classic Dragon Ball moment and the entire episode overall was quite eventful. The animation quality was a bit different and inconsistent but above average. Considering the flow of the arc this episode was absolutely perfect and necessary but independently overall, it’s a 7.5 / 10 type of episode.



First, about the new transformation of Future Trunks, no we didn’t get any name. The narrator or any character didn’t say a thing about it, but, we got more idea about just how strong the form is. The Blue God Aura that got everyone’s attention flamed up and down, now we don’t know much about this power up so it’s hard to guess what’s going on. It could either hint that Trunks is yet to master the power or it is just how it is, it flames up when the user is charging an attack or is in a serious situation. It did look like Trunks got quite stronger than Goku and Vegeta currently. He was able to hold Black and Zamasu at the same time, he deflected away a power ball attack by Zamasu and Black, and successfully defended Zamasu Black while Goku and Company escaped. Trunks’ power growth surely looks interesting without this transformation it wasn’t making much sense for him to fight alongside Goku. However, the Blue aura that we see over Trunks is kind of electrical contrary to that of Goku and Vegeta’s SSB aura.  From the spoilers of the coming episode, we do know Trunks won’t be able to defeat them but would be able to survive till Goku and company returns. We will find out more about this in the coming Dragon Ball Super Episode 63. The trailer looked sick we are going to get some mad action in the next episode. I’ll do a preview breakdown soon.

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