5 Lazy But Genius Characters

Shikamaru Kuzan Naruto

What is up everyone! Hope you are having an awesome day.

We all love being lazy but everyone just complains when we are lazy. They say being lazy makes us dumb.

I just wanna give them the following examples when someone says ” get your ass off that sofa and do some work”-

1) Kuzan

He knows how to stay relaxed in every possible situation. No matter what is happening around him, he is just gonna chill and relax.He even lay down as he talk with the Straw Hats, even though they are enemies.

The lazaynes is just a wrap around his real powers.He clearly is a genius in fights and in using his ability, this can be simply seen through his ranks as one of the World Government’s “Greatest Military Powers”, one of the 3 Admirals. In addition, he also got his haki and his Logia Devil Fruit power(Hie Hie no Mi).

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