5 Anime Characters Who Didn’t Get Credits In The Anime


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Sometimes the Anime characters don’t get credits for what all good they did. So here is a list of character who didn’t get any credits for their good deeds by the people.

P.S- The creds I am talking about are from the other characters in the anime and not the real world .-.

1) Hanamichi Sakuragi(Slam Dunk)

This guys never got credits for anything he did.No matter what he did, no one really gave him credit for anything. He always was outshined by his teammates. Even his crush Haruko, who was the reason he joined the basketball team, paid more attention to Hanamichi’s rival, Rukawa, more than him. Even during the ending, this guy didn’t even get the girl. Hanamichi definitely deserved respect, team Japan , love , everything.


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