Why Mitsuki is Orochimaru’s greatest experiment EVER!

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Hey there everyone, you already know the deal! Today I’m going to be discussing why Mitsuki is indeed Orochimaru’s greatest experiment eve.. and not just because Orochimaru said it himself, anyways lets start!

So to begin with, Orochimaru has been conducting experiments in order to achieve all the jutsu in the world. From that dream, Orochimaru has done experiment testing’s on humans form various villages, as well on himself. He’s achieved a variation of immortality from switching in-between bodies, as well as powerful summoning techniques, and acquiring powerful weapons.

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tumblr ofnqGNkvgvyxo

Some of the people he has experimented on that were a success were Yamato (Implanting the first Hokage’s DNA and it resulted in Yamato obtaining Wood Style Ninjutsu), and Danzou (Implanting Sharingans and Hashirama’s DNA in order to maintain multiple Sharingan’s without having the proper chakra to control them). The others we know of consists of Jugo, the Sound Four, Kimimaru, Suigestu, Karin, and even Sasuke (since he gave Sasuke the curse mark).

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