Android Saga vs Black Goku Saga: Which Future Trunks is Better?

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Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be discussing and comparing the character that is Future Trunks between Dragonball Z and Dragonball Super. Now as a disclaimer, this is just for fun and this is my opinion. I am also aware that the character had many different changes from one series to another as well as different artists working on the series. Now then, with that said lets begin!

To begin with, Future Trunks has been a character that we all remember from our childhood if you were part of the community that grew up watching Dragonball Z. He was first introduced in the Android/Cell Saga of the series. Trunks had come back in time to save Goku from a heart Virus and try to stop the Androids before they were awakened.

Now that we know who Future Trunks is lets get down to the meat of the discussion! Future Trunks from Dragonball Super compared to Dragonball Z is different in the following ways:

  • He looks younger than he was presented in DBZ
  • Trunks’s power level/scale is undetermined in comparison to his power in DBZ
  • Design is different
  • Love Interest
  • Move set Difference
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