2016 Fall Season’s Anime ~ First Impressions


Yayyyy! It’s a new season of anime 🙂 This season has over 40 new anime, OVAs, continuation of anime and anime movies!!! This article will be my personal impressions for five of the new anime that have come out.

~ Dream Festival directed by Murano Yuuta (Music, ONA)

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This anime currently has two episodes out and it’s apparently going to have 12 episodes so it’s a relatively short anime. It’s an ONA anime (directly released on the internet rather than TV) about the protagonist who is a guy that is scouted by a company to become an idol. The protagonist is really bright and friendly and he starts learning about the ‘idol life’ and decides that he ‘wants to make others smile’ and joins an idol group. With the upcoming competition that’s run by the company and the first place winners get to have their debut, the group start practicing hard.

My first impression is probably a 6/10. The art is alright however when the group start to dance and perform, the quality of performance is quite low and looks very robotic and computer made. The story line is quite typical but they did include some new ideas of having the idols catch cards that are supposedly the ‘cheers’ of the audience. This part is still quite confusing to me but it should be clarified as they release more episodes. The music used in this anime is excellent which is expected since it’s a music anime. For the first two episodes, it’s a decent introduction into the anime.

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