Japanese Swan Neck Phone Holder Can Help You Play Pokémon Go

Now the Japanese Swan Neck phone holder may not be an official Pokémon Go accessory, but it can still help you catch them all.

Swan phone holder

Now the Japanese Swan Neck phone holder may not be an official Pokémon Go accessory, but it can still help you catch them all.

As all Pokémon players know, it is sometimes difficult to play the game when you need to concentrate on other tasks, well this unusual Swan could help you with that.

The Swan Neck phone holder will allow all Pokémon trainers to have both of their hands free to complete all daily tasks that they need to, while still being able to play the game and keep an eye on heir progression.


Have you ever tried to walk the dog or eat while playing Pokémon Go? I have and it’s sometimes quite difficult. Now however, with this amazing accessory you can do all those tasks while still looking at your screen in order to not miss any Pokémon or Poke stops on the way.

This will allow you no never put down your phone again and complete whatever task you need to do, while constantly having the game on.

This device may have come out a year before the Niantic released the game, which millions of players have fallen in love with, but it can still be of use to Pokémon players all around the world.

The Swan Neck phone holder straps around your waist, sort of like underwear that can be worn superman like, out side of your clothing and is then equipped with along neck that you can adjust to suit your height.


Then the most important feature is the swans head, where you can place your mobile phone in front of the users face, to which they can play Pokémon Go like never before.

Many businesses large and small have benefited from the apps success such as Nintendo and Apple, when their new Apple watch comes out with Pokémon Go compatibility that is. Now this product that may have not been designed to play the game at all, can now also flourish through Pokémon Go players.


Now imagine that cartoon dog on that phone being a Niantic’s famous app. Also Don’t worry you are not too late to benefit from the Swan Neck Holder and so you can purchase these, as they are still available online for all Pokémon Go trainers.

Another incredible feature is that its doesn’t even have to be a swan as it can be a number of different animal or human heads as well.


If you want to see the Swan Neck Phone Holder in action and see exactly how this can help you play the game, I have attached a video below for you.





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