Jack The Drought – New Character with Bounty of 1 Billion!

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In the recent episode of One Piece, the character that has been a blond haired Mammoth from the start of the arc transformed and we finally got the more info about him.

After he took a blow from Cat Viper, he came into rage and transformed into a gigantic human and we found out some new stuff about him.

  • Jack is the right hand man of Kaido who is one of the yonko. This explained Kaido walking behind a mammoth in the new opening of the anime.
  • He supposedly consumed a Mythical Zoan devil fruit that turns him into a huge Mammoth with great strength and maximum endurance. If his size is compared to Duke Dogstrom, he is humongous as the Duke is himself huge as compared to humans.HDIZYpMwaOlNoaReEcPSmbWpoFNbYesAwmWIfFldPxlyeiMITLqUrXIKiHgl neaFZjLhgOolrUmyEZJDvUlLNXECAo fbpUM KOj JjKFob tOWqVzzCImvGewkWqN QVaLtGdDDeIImoIrVqrguRAPwnyAWfQhUtqT XjHrDvBUgJHDZbfnRZVmJUpFSVWggOOwwBFZmyNxChbQ vFdokIhQcfrF YTYNxnyzZ uvHerAIIyxEDIFQXCUeYFfZobp vsrVoJNa uHxkCBlyuwTyzNZPmNDH WfbvLSuZwMwbokvhTuFcqnAOMjZIOCGOEKnARfqRDReTW ehfCnJ XL zUcYDCrlCkMrtebkAvMVc wIGQpnJwObQFixvoYbNkXbzpjgxrVSKTInjOLYdtOCvWRfjpNgeoiXTQuTLlwWRQJTxsyjbVdcAWZusxRLTmlaNbdhWZNNzRqDtPeUFtkfoaBQ wBfQZzAVPHAJcmZETBP GRWezpENnNWwfiNcyhwMjaqdo=w h no
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