Dragon Ball Super – Future Trunks Super Saiyan Blue Of Rage?!

Super Saiyan Blue Trunks

In Dragon Ball Super Episode 61, we witnessed the best, the best transformation in DBS up till now. Trunks transformed into this epic form that has a very satisfying mix of Blue and Super Saiyan aura, and we didn’t get a proper name of this form as of yet. Episode 62 title words it as Trunks’ Super Power of rage explodes.



This transformation is unlike anything we have seen in DBS, but very familiar to things we enjoyed in ‘ Dragon Ball Z ‘!

Not much about the motivation or the circumstances behind this transformation, but the way this transformation took place alone deserves a rating of 9+ out of 10. Undoubtedly it deserves a spot in the ‘ Top 5 Best Saiyan Transformations ‘ in all of Dragon Ball canon; along with the likes of Goku’s first SSJ or Gohan’s first SSJ 2 transformation! In a matter of fact, this was very similar to Gohan’s Super Saiyan 2 transformation vs Cell if you try to match the body movements. Then, it had that legendary powerful walk we have seen quite often in DBZ. It is quite similar to that Gohan walk in the Bojack unbound movie where he destroyed all the enemies in moments. Except this one looked more intense. There were like mini earthquakes with every step. They highlighted the intense amount of power lying within him in a really cool manner. Dragon Ball Z associated anger and uncontrollable rage with the Saiyans very deeply however DBS changed the style and made the transformations calm. The idea behind the God form was complete control of Ki and a stable co-relation between body and mind. Which is though doesn’t go too well with the true nature of the Saiyans, it was a necessary change to depict the concept of God Ki as well as The God form.


Anyways Future Trunks approaches this form in a quite different way, and even though we don’t know if it can be called a true God form. He certainly got hold of some God ki as we see the Blue aura which can also be called the God Aura.

In this article, I will highlight all the possible outcomes as well as all the fan theories that have been circulating around the web. Both likely and unlikely ones. Please, do keep that in mind I like to cover everything that’s going on. Just because I mention a Theory doesn’t mean I am betting with it all right!


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