10 Most Famous Anime Masks

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Masks can be worn for a lot of reasons. Protection , to hide one’s identity , to look awesome , and so on.

There’s something mysterious about these masks , which make them awesome , so let’s check out 10 most famous anime masks in existence !

  1. Kakashi Hatake’s mask from the famous anime Naruto.


Among the thousand masked characters in the show , the most mysterious one , Kakashi Hatake. This shinobi hides his identity so well that he wears multiple masks , one under one. He doesn’t remove it even while eating !

2. Kagetane’s mask from the anime Black Bullet.

cb  kagetane hiruko by sudachii duw

Kagetane’s outfit reflects a most esteemed gentleman, except for his disturbing mask that hides his face. His mask depicts a frighteningly happy smile that hints at his psychotic and murderous personality.

3. Hei’s mask from the anime Darker than Black : Kuro No Keiyakusho.

darkerthanblack  large

His white mask with a purple lightning symbol over the right eye indicates that he is a a dangerous and a troubled soul.

4. Zero’s mask from the anime Code Geass : Hangyaku No Lelouch.

zero  by benjiprice

The mask of Zero is an emotionless helmet shrouded in darkness and uncertainty.

5. Kaneki’s mask from the famous anime Tokyo Ghoul.


Made by the ghoul , Uta , inspired by Kaneki’s special one eye condition.

6. Ichigo Kurosaki’s mask from the famous anime Bleach.


Don’t need to elaborate how awesome this is , this mask is not only awesomely horrifying , but also dangerously powerful.

7. Sogeking’s mask from the anime One Piece.

px Sogeking

Usopp’s alter ego Sogeking dons an anime mask to hide his identity from the other Straw Hat members following his “leave” from the crew.

8. Bol’s mask from the anime Akame Ga Kill.


For completely unknown reasons, Bol wears a mask which completely covers his head and face.

9. Char Aznable’s mask from the anime Mobile Suit Gundam.

char char aznable

10. San’s mask from the anime Monoke Hime.

mononoke hime   san by ladymomocosplay dlggim

San , also known as Princess Monoke , wears a mask whenever she engages in battle.


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