Gym training has changed. Here’s what you need to know.

Gym changes defender

Gym training has changed. Here’s what you need to know.

In the latest updateNiantic have updated the gym battling system to allow you to take 6 pokemon in to train a gym, instead of one. Is this is a good move? Well, we’re here to talk about why it matters.

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The new system can hopefully enable trainers of all levels to join in and add more prestige to their gym per fight, but for high level players this could have become a little more difficult. For those of you that have had their fair share of gym defenses(See our level 30 guide here for extra tips), you’ll know that you get far more prestige for defeating a defender with a lower CP mon, up to a 1000 per Pokémon. However, the changes in the update mean that it takes the average CP of everything in your lineup to calculate how much prestige you add. What does this mean for you though? Well, It means you have two options:

1: Take out the first guy and run.

This first option used to be the most effective way of levelling. For example, you use a 16cp Weedle to defeat a 32cp Magikarp, then run. 1000 prestige. You heal up, you go again. Now after the update, you’d have to select 5 other 10cp mons before the fight could begin, which although would still give high prestige, it would take a lot more time if doing multiple battles.

2:Take out everything

This is the new option for those people without crazy high level pokemon, and is exciting for most of the player base. However, the fact that gyms now adjust the levels of the defenders directly relates to how much prestige you can get. For example, reddit user vlfph gives us these examples in his post:

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