Red Gyarados in Pokémon GO: Fact or Myth?

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About five weeks ago, I was searching the internet for Pokémon GO Easter Eggs, and came across very peculiar video describing details on how to obtain a Red Gyarados. In the video the fellow renames his Magikarp to ‘Red Karp.’ and evolves the Magikarp into the Red Gyarados. The video looked all well and good, but the truth will soon be revealed.


I actually got pretty excited, and went out to catch as many Magikarp as I could. It took me about 4 weeks to get the required candies needed, but that’s because I live in an area mostly full of just Rattata and Pidgey. However, when I tried to evolve my Magikarp into Gyarados following the guy in the video’s directions, using the name ‘Red Karp.’, it turned out to be a normal blue Gyarados.


So from there I decided to read more, and discovered that really the whole idea of a Red Gyarados in Pokémon Go is nothing but a myth. I then come to the conclusion that the fellow in the video was most likely using certain hacks to fake the video. This is actually a really rude thing to do, when people are trying to find legitimate Easter Eggs in the game. So yeah so far the shiny Gyarados is just a myth.

But what makes shiny Pokémon so special? Why would someone get so hyped up for a shiny Pokémon? Well shiny Pokémon have better IVs, if not perfect IVs, then the normal Pokémon, making their stats higher and overall they look cool. A shiny Pokémon is a species of Pokémon that is different in colour than that of a normal Pokémon. For example: Gyarados is blue normally. A shiny Gyarados is red. Owning shiny Pokémon gives you a certain amount of bragging rights as well, for instance… “Oh, I got a shiny Dragonite what you got? What’s that just a plain Dragonite, sucks to be you.”

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Personally I hope NianticLabs, add in the shinies for more excitement to the game and bring in more reasons to for players to brag to their friends about their Pokémon. Because seriously, what Pokémon fan doesn’t like shiny Pokémon?

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