It’s Pokemon GO Day at Cape May County Park and Zoo – October 8th!

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It’s Pokemon GO Day at Cape May County Park and Zoo – October 8th!


The zoo is hosting Pokemon Go day from 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. for fans of Pokemon GO, which originally launched in July.


Located: 707 Route 9 North – Cape May Court House, NJ 08210
Exit 11 off the Garden State Parkway

Jean Whelan, the zoo’s assistant parks director, said Edward Runyon, the director of parks, is an avid Pokemon player along with his sons. Their progress in the game allowed them to set up the locations in the zoo, she told “It gets people out to the zoo,” she added. “Not only can they look at the real animals, they can play the game at the same time.”

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As Mentioned in the advertisement, there’s over 20 PokeStops, ton of animals, gyms and even dozens of lures will be placed during the event for all Pokemon GO trainers! The Park provides free year-round admission to a collection of more than 550 animals representing 250 species in 85 acres of exhibits. They do recommend a donation at the entrance gate, which anyone who cares about animals should donate if attending.

I encourage all Poke fans around this area to be sure to attend Pokemon GO Day, if you decide to show up please feel free to send me pictures of your amazing day at this zoo by  tweeting my twitter handle @UchihaKoji. I’m very interested in how your day goes at this zoo, for any other Zoo’s or parks or business’s hosting Pokemon GO events feel free to tweet me about your event to possibly see an article about it!

Here’s a video by pressofAtlanticCity on Youtube about Cape May County Zoo’s Snow Leopards!

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