Its official Squrtitle spawns at the wrong times more than any other Pokemon

He just keeps appearing everywhere


With so many people playing Pokémon go all around the world we were bound to get some of them spawn in some interesting places, and after going trough the best of them, I came to realize Squirtle is the Pokémon who does this the most.

Below I have added some of the best spawns our favourite water type starter Pokémon has given us so far.

Number 1:

D  Squirtle was found on this coffin by one Pokemon user it is not  a

Well this one is inappropriate on so many levels but I don’t know who is worse the trainer or Squritle.

Number 2:

fadbbdadbcdacbbaafWell come on Squirtle this is just dangerous, also again the commitment shown by the trainer to catch this Pokemon is outstanding, you gotta catch them all i suppose.

Number 3:


Wait isn’t you’re internet meant to be off?

Number 4:

BCF  image m


Number 5:

CBC  image m

Quick we are under attack, hang on give me a sec there is a Squirtle near by……….

Number 6:

inappropriate pokemon goHe looks way to happy to be here and once again he makes his trainers work to find him, this place looks way to creepy for night catching.

Number 7:


Squirtle you really need to behave and Stop jumping in front of things.

And here we go this is all the proof I need to show you that Suirtle just likes to put himself in the worst or best, depending on how you look at it, spots to spawn compared to any other Pokemon.

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