Who was the Strongest Jounin in Konoha?

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Hey everyone! Today I’m going to be discussing something not a lot of people have spoken about. The strongest Jounin in Konoha! Now before I begin, this doesn’t include Special Jounin such as Genma, Ibiki, Ebisu, etc. I’m solely focusing on Kakashi, Gai, Asuma, Kurenai, and Yamato because they were the most characters with enough screen time.

To begin with, Ill divide each segment into Taijutsu, Ninjutsu, and Genjutsu and I will let you all know who I think is Number 1!

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As far as Taijutsu goes, Gai sensei arguably takes the cake in this category. Gai possessing the 8th gate which equaled the attack force and kept up with Sage of Six Paths Madara. Kakashi even said that he indeed did lose to Gai when he witnessed the 8th gate. Kakashi would come second in this category due to the fact that he has the Sharingan with a all three Tomoi. So he is able to predict, read, and follow through in Taijutsu. Asuma would come third because Asuma is a close combat fighter who uses Knuckle-Kunai weaponry with enhanced chakra. Asuma was also trusted into the 12 Guardian Ninja because eof his skills. Yamato would come fourth in this because even though we’ve seen few of his fighting tactics, he is able to use wood style and infuse it into his taijustu as a means to push his enemy back. Yamato is more of a long range fighter compared to the rest, but he is able to still put up a fight. Kurenai comes in last place because she’s only had one fight during Part 1 to have as reference. Her fight against Itachi and Kisame. Most of the time she was using Genjutsu, so we cant really say where she stand on this list.

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