Pokemon GO added a new Warning Message for players breaking the rules!

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Pokemon GO added a new Warning Message for players breaking the rules!


Players using 3rd party apps will now see a warning message that pauses their gameplay.

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If you’ve used any 3rd Party apps for Pokemon GO, the game will now warn you before banning your account permanently. Once you’ve been banned there is a slight chance you might be able to become unbanned via ticket on their website, however this only works for those who get wrongfully banned while traveling.


Once you’ve pressed GOT IT, your app will send confirmation to the servers API, stating that you’ve agreed to their warning. Once you’ve agreed, there’s no possible way to be unbanned. If you continue to use these 3rd party apps the system’s API will permanently ban your phone through IP/Mac address/Unique Token/Cookie/ or Common information, forcing you to get a new phone and service provider to play the game.

How do you feel about the warning message to stop cheaters? Let us know in the comment section below.

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