Despite the rumors Pokemon GO is still making over $2Million a Day!


Despite the rumors Pokemon GO is still making over $2Million with 700K Downloads a Day!

Have you heard some offset information from other websites about Pokemon GO dying? Here’s why they’re lying!

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Despite rumors about Pokemon GO dying, the only factual rumor about this is the games hype slowing down a tad bit. Which people never seem to understand that hype doesn’t always last forever, there’s tons of trends that I’ve seen come and go over the year however none have lived it’s hype like Pokemon GO.

The game is still being downloaded over 700,000 times per day, that’s right over 700K times a day this game is being downloaded by somebody. Just imagine how many times you’d have to click install and wait for that number to pop up. 

According to Newzoo When Pokemon GO  first came out it was averaging around $16~ Million Dollars in revenue per day, now the game is reaching around $2.1M~ in revenue a day.


Now before you get your panties in a bunch and go off about how 16-> 2.1 is a big drop, just think for a second. $2.1M dollars a day is a F**k ton of money, also I have to mention Pokemon GO has made over $550 Million Dollars in just 80 days.

Now while these numbers are close, none of these numbers can be 100% correct as John Hanke as mentioned multiple times how Pokemon GO has made much more than what each analyst site has mentioned. The CEO has stated the closest anyone’s come to a fact was when Pokemon GO made $500M in 60 days which obviously has been surpassed by now.

Here’s a video by College Graduate EJ Johnson on the matter.

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