The final battle, full review


The fated battle between Naruto and Sasuke finally begins, and this time we will be looking at the two most recent episodes collectively. Though we have seen much about this battle from video games and manga, it is still worth its while and not to mention that it had displayed a sense of originality. Like it was not exactly as the manga nor the video games had shown. Besides it was not that long as most of the time was consumed by flashbacks. Anyways it was epic, like you could tell that this is not the usual Naruto fighting style that we used to see. well lets get down to it.

ffcdbedddabIt all started with the hand to hand combat, and though the episode was good, it left us longing for more, like it was brief. At least we got to see Naruto and Sasuke fight in a way they never did before. Even their Taijutsu seemed to be in a whole new level than what they had been displaying in the battle. Well Naruto struggled to keep up with Sasuke’s combinations at first but as it goes on things became more intense.

acaaebebdedOne could easily tell that it is the works of a different director. And we had never seen them using such skills in Boruto the movie, it would’ve been way more interesting if we saw them fight alongside each other n this way. Despite them spending almost a whole day and night fighting in the world war, they still had much power left in them. Maybe this is another factor why this fight was not long. Anyways let us proceed in the next page.

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