Pokemon Go: Are You Battling Your Own Team Now?

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Some areas naturally have more domination than others; it is not unheard of hearing different teams controlling certain neighborhoods and towns, but one Reddit user, QuantumOverlord, brilliantly explained the issues he is facing within his own neighborhood:

“So I’ve been on the dominant team in my area since Level 5. Until recently the greatest threat was always from enemy teams trying to take gyms. However things have now changed, now I find it is allies that are the biggest threat…The problem is more than half of my gyms are now maxed out level 10s. Some of them can’t even get prestige below level 9 now without being levelled back up by teammates. And attacks in general are becoming uncommon, even level 4 gyms are now viable to last several days (level 4 is the new level 7 imho). The result of this is a rush to get high CP pokemon in the highest slots. Nothing else matters, since there is now a feeding frenzy on all the high level gyms. And since they are attacked so rarely; getting kicked out of a level 10 gym could mean being locked out for weeks.”


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Remember to place your higher-CP Pokemon in these contested gyms. Some recommend saving your higher CP Pokemon for battling, but a watered-down gym system does not necessarily require this; placing a high CP Pokemon will secure your spot and avoid being tossed out by fellow team members with higher CP Pokemon. Also, as the prestige in your gym decreases, the lowest CP Pokemon are removed, therefore a possible hassle if your Pokemon is no longer in the gym for coin collection.

Team changing hopefully will be added soon for players wishing to coordinate together. Add that to the list of “things to do,” including the infamous tracking UI and trading. Are you going through something similar? Let us know!

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