How to get more items from PokeStops!

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How to get more items from PokeStops!


Running out of Pokeballs or not receiving enough items from the stops? Then this article will help you out!


Now the main reason I am informing players of this again is due to the 5 countries that got a release over the week. So if you didn’t know already, now you will as it is 100% possible to get  6+ items and 100 XP from every 10th Pokéstop as long as you hit a chain of different stops. If you’re having trouble obtaining eggs, this will be your best bet at grabbing one. This trick has originially been discovered by Cerebr05murF

Here’s a video by our Analyst: Graduate Student Ej Johnson

Reddit user BobbleMoff57 added:

“On my ride in to work I can hit anywhere from 30-40 unique stops. Obviously this fills my bag up pretty quick. Today, i got a 10th hit bag bonus, and then the next stop I hit my inventory limit with 9 more stops left in my route. I didn’t feel like cleaning anything out, but i always continue to spin the stops i pass for that sweet sweet 50 XP (#AllXPMatters)

As I got closer to work, I caught a caterpie and a magikarp, allowing me to get items from stops #9 and 10. When I did, i received 7 items from the 10th stop, even though my journal only has record of me hitting 3, since stops that give you the “bag full” message aren’t counted.”

To count towards the chain of 10 stops, the PokeStop must pass these tests:

  • Stop must be a successful spin and give drops
    • Sometimes, a stop is spun but does not change color or show dropped items, but the Journal will register the items dropped. This stop will be counted
  • Stop has not been spun in the previous 30 minutes
    • If the stop fails this test it will still give regular drops, but it is not counted towards the bonus and does not affect the chain
  • Has it been less than 10 minutes since the last counted stop.
    • If false, count is reset and this stop becomes #1 in the chain

Each time a Pokestop is spun, it checks for the following:

  • Stop been not been spun in the last 30 minutes = TRUE
  • No bonus has been awarded in last 9 valid stops = TRUE
  • Last spin was <10 minutes = TRUE
    • If all 3 are TRUE, the bonus is awarded.
    • These conditions should only be true for the 10th valid stop

Now the only problem would be getting rid of the “Bag full” message which is simple, just get rid of items you don’t need and fill them up with ones you do. There is also an option to buy more bag space for $2 which is also convenient. Which item is more of a necessity is completely up to the way you play the game and what you use more of.

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