Did Niantic Know The Servers Would Be Disastrous?

Pokemon GO

Many of us waited months, if not years, for the release of Pokemon Go as we clamored our phones, launching quick attack with our thumbs on the download button upon its launch. We were excited to see a different world filled with pokemon and other trainers, but what we did not expect was Team Rocket, aka the servers, completely stealing our fun!

The servers abruptly halted our fun; the game was hardly playable and millions wondered why. We were like a bunch of depressed squirtles crying on the Internet asking questions and throwing temper tantrums like a woken-up Snorlax.

But, we did not know exactly how bad the servers were until now. Luke Stone, Director of Customer Reliability Engineering, released a post on Google’s official blog detailing exactly how overloaded the servers were:


That’s right. The overload was 10x worse than Niantic’s “worst case possible” scenario.

Pokemon Go was first released in Australia and New Zealand; upon launch, Niantic’s CEO contacted Google’s new CRE inquiring assistance because the influx was higher than expected. An interesting point was, according to Stone, is that Niantic did somewhat have an idea of how brutal the launch would be in The United States:

“ Niantic phoned in to Google CRE for reinforcements, in anticipation of the US launch planned the next day. Niantic and Google Cloud — spanning CRE, SRE, development, product, support and executive teams — braced for a flood of new Pokémon Trainers, as Pokémon GO would go on to shatter all prior estimates of player traffic.”


The question is, if Niantic understood the need for assistance a day before launching the game to the US, should there have been a delay? Something to ponder. Read more about Google’s infrastructure here.

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