A Trainer’s sad story about his bestfriend! (The Story of RonladC and his Juno)

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A Trainer’s sad story about his bestfriend!


So over the week a redditor named ronladc shared his story with Pokemon fans about his bestfriend Juno.

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The reason why I’ve decided to share this sad story with trainers, is because this trainer was looking for help on grieving about his bestfriend. So I’ve decided to write about his story which hopefully when he sees this, it will help him even further with this process. As thousands of fans will remember RonladC’s best friend as an amazing dog. 

Juno was a small dog that shared a bond with ronladc and would go on Pokemon adventures together as a unit. He shared about how Juno would be there for adventures while his Fiance was working late shifts. Juno was a healthy dog, one whose been to the vet and had been cleared for any possible problems which leads me to the trainers story.

Original Reddit Post

The Story of Juno and RonladC

My dog Juno passed away earlier today very unexpectedly. He was a pretty young and healthy pup as far as we knew. The vet had no concerns at his most recent checkup. Unfortunately, today I got the worst call of my life. He collapsed out of nowhere, was rushed to the vet but sadly didn’t make it. The picture on the left is the last picture I took of him. It was last night when I found out a Dragonite spawned close to my neighborhood. I grabbed Juno, threw him in the car, and we went and caught my first and only Dragonite. As you can see in the picture on the right, I renamed that Dragonite “Juno” today and made him my buddy. I’ll never change out my buddy as long as I play this game, so that I can keep walking “Juno.” Since the app came out he has been my partner in crime for pokemon hunting while my fiancée was working night shifts. I honestly don’t know why I’m even posting this. I guess I’m hoping it will help with the grieving process. I’m sure you guys already know what cliche messages to take from this story so I won’t waste your time with that.


As you’ve read directly from the story, Juno is now one of the most powerful Pokemon in the game and can now help RonladC become one of the best trainers. Juno was a beautiful dog as you can see from the image, and knowing this story saddens me. I hope RonladC will appreciate this article, if not contact me at @uchihakoji on twitter as I usually respond to everyone. When I think of Lance and his Dragonite, i’ll now think of RonladC & his Juno.

RonladC & Juno you’ll be remembered as one of the greatest duos by the OtakuKart Family! 

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