Pokemon Go: Everything you need to know about Squirtle

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Squirtle is known for being the generation one Water type starter.

Pokedex Entry: The Tiny Turtle Pokemon – Squirtle’s shell is not merely used for protection. The shell’s rounded shape and the grooves on its surface help minimize resistance in water, enabling this Pokemon to swim at high speeds.


  • Max CP: 1,008
  • Base Attack: 112
  • Base Defense: 142
  • Base Stamina: 88
  • Egg Hatch Distance: 2km
  • Buddy Walk Distance: 3km


Summary of Stats:

In the main series games, Squirtle has average Defense and Special Defense, and all of its other stats are below average.

In Pokemon Go, Squirtle has low Stamina, below average Attack, and Squirtle’s Defense is the highest base stat of all first form starters. (However, in comparison to all Pokemon, Squirtle’s Defense is only average.)



In Pokemon Go, Squirtle evolves into Wartortle with 25 Squirtle Candies, and then evolves into Blastoise after getting an additional 100 Squirtle Candies.

Blastoise is one of the best Water types in Pokemon Go and has the highest (currently achievable) Base Defense stat in Pokemon Go.



In the main series games, Squirtle mostly learns Normal and Water type moves, and its learnset has fairly even balance of Physical attacks, Special attacks, and Status moves.

The Quick Moves Squirtle can have in Pokemon GO are:

  • Tackle: a Normal type move that does 10.91 Damage per Second (DPS) which is average for Quick Move.
  • Bubble: The lowest DPS Water type quick move that actually does damage. It normally does 10.87 DPS, but due to Squirtle also being Water type, that gives the move a “Same Type Attack Bonus” (STAB) so when Squirtle uses Bubble its DPS is actually 13.59.

The Charge Moves that Squirtle can learn are:

  • Aqua Jet: A below average DPS Water type Charge move. Its normal DPS is 10.64 which is increased to 13.30 when used by Squirtle.
  • Aqua Tail: An above average strength Water type Charge move. Its usual DPS is 19.15 which is boosted to 23.94 when used by a Water type like Squirtle.
  • Water Pulse: A below average DPS Water type Charge Move. Its normal DPS is 10.61 but that is increased to 13.26 due to STAB.

Squirtle’s Best Moveset (it is both the Highest DPS moveset and the Best Gym Defender moveset) is Bubble and Aqua Tail.


Type advantages and disadvantages:

Squirtle is a Water type Pokemon which gives it a variety of advantages and disadvantages in gym battles.

Due to its Water typing, Squirtle takes .8x reduced damage from Fire, Steel, Ice, and Water type attacks but takes 1.25x more damage from Electric and Grass type attacks.

Type advantages and disadvantages for Moves:

Being a Normal type move, Tackle does .8x less damage to Rock, Steel, and Ghost Type Pokemon.

The Water type attacks Bubble, Aqua Jet, Aqua Tail, and Water Pulse all do 1.25x more damage to Fire, Ground, and Rock type Pokemon, but do .8x less damage to Water, Grass, and Dragon type Pokemon.

 (These may change depending on the opponent Pokemon’s secondary type, if it has one.)


Where can I find Squirtle:

Water type Pokemon have a higher chance to spawn around canals, docks, harbors, lakes, oceans, beaches, rivers, riverbanks, streams, wetlands, ports, reservoirs, and basins.

You will have more successful hunting by playing around more populated areas, and you shouldn’t play anywhere unsafe or on private property.

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