How to make a single Incense spawn 30 Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Pokemon Go Incense

How to make a single Incense spawn 30 Pokemon in Pokemon Go

Whenever we use incense all we want is more Pokemon and good Pokemon, today I’ll be explaining how to get upto 30 Pokemon with off a single Incense.

Incense spawns 1 Pokemon every 5 minute if you stay at the same place and if you move it could increase to 10-15 Pokemon in 30 minute while incense is on, but how do we use Incense more effectively?

here is a screenshot below from Pokemon Go game code.

So what we can see here is.

IncenseLifeTimeSeconds:1800 – Total Incense Time 30 Minutes

StandingTimeBetweenEncounterSec:300 – If you stay at the same place,1 Pokemon every 300 seconds = 5 minutes

MovingTimeBetweenEncounterSec:60 – time to walk 200 Meters

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