Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 Preview Breakdown- ” Vegeta vs Goku Black “


In Dragon Ball Super Episode 59, Zamasu killed Gowasu but Whis reversed back time allowing Beerus to destroy Zamasu before he could do anything to Gowasu. Though Beerus said destroying present Zamasu would also annihilate Zamasu from the future. Trunks highly doubt that and will go back to the future to check it out. So, we have Future Trunks probably accompanied by Goku and Vegeta back to the future in the next episode of Dragon Ball Super.

Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 Title Is “”Back to the Future! Goku Black’s Identity Revealed!”



Then we hear the next episode preview from Goku which was-

“ Hey, this is Goku! Trunks, let’s go check again to see if the future’s at peace now. Don’t worry, if Zamasu is there, I’ll beat him for sure this time! Huh? Goku Black isn’t a fake of me? What’s that mean?


So the next episode title is really interesting. I know we have had similar titles before, but I believe the next episode is truly going to give us some solid information regarding the identity of Goku Black. Whis speculated that Present Zamasu might have wished for a copy of Goku Black along with immortality for himself. Beerus added that it could have been done using the time ring which would eliminate the 1 year time limitation of the Super Dragon Balls. However, it’s only a theory, a Whis theory. Besides, after having killed present Zamasu Beerus and Whis believes it would result in him getting annihilated from all the timelines. But from the ‘ Dragon Ball Super Episode 60 ‘ trailer, we know that Future Zamasu and Black is still alive. So, it’s not like they have a very good understanding of the entire situation either.

So the headline for the next episode which is “ Goku Black’s Identity Revealed “ absolutely deserves our attention. It’s going to be an action-packed episode. Our heroes return back to the future, and we have Vegeta back in action.

Super Saiyan Blue Vegeta- DBS

Who doesn’t love to see Vegeta fight? Especially all the Vegeta fans want to see him wreck Goku Black. Last time they fought, Black got better of him as he almost killed him by stabbing with Ki-Blade. However, many fans have a misconception that in the last encounter Vegeta was low balled once again. I have to disagree here. Basically, all 3 of our heroes got bashed. But Vegeta actually performed better than Goku and Future Trunks. He only got stabbed because he was the first to attack Black. Had it been Goku the outcome would probably be the same. So it was only logical for Goku to do better once he knew about the Blade. Also, added the fact that Goku fought Black once before. Anyways, what Vegeta did at the end of Dragon Ball Super Episode 57 truly made him the hero among the trio. He went beyond his 100% and saved the day. I think that was the most badass move of that encounter.

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