7 things you didn’t notice in Boruto

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Hey guys !

Today , I’ll be discussing 7 things you probably didn’t notice in Boruto.

If you haven’t read my latest theory , go give it a read , http://otakukart.com/animeblog/2016/09/25/naruto-theory-who-is-kawaki-revealed/

  1. The castle that we see in the starting , is in fact the same castle that we see in Chapter 682 , when Naruto and Sasuke were fighting Kaguya and they got carried away to the Ice dimension.fcebbeffa
  2. When Sasuke’s being chased by Kinshiki , Sasuke is actually carrying that scroll , and Kinshiki is after that scroll. It’s difficult to see the scroll without pausing fast , at the right time.  And we all know what happened afterwards , if you don’t , go watch Boruto : The Movie.faaaeebabc
  3. After the war , the old Konoha jacket that had the Uzumaki symbol on the back , have been replaced with chest guards. So , Konoha shinobi started wearing their own clan symbols , or clans they are close too , on their left arm. If you see , Naruto isn’t wearing his Uzumaki armband in the movie , this mistake was later corrected in Boruto : Naruto Next Generations. cafccecadedaacb
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