Pokemon GO’s Top 5 Ground-Type Pokemon!


Pokemon GO’s Top 5 Ground-Type Pokemon!


Are you a Nidoking, Nidoqueen fan? Well then, this list is for trainers like you!

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With us making top 5 lists about each type of Pokemon, you could only expect for a list of the infamous ground type Pokemon to surface shortly after. I’ve compiled this list based off best combined stats, which you should notice some of your favorites here.

5. Marowak

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Marowak first appeared in Bad to the Bone under the ownership of Otoshi, who had recently got his Gym Badges stolen by Team Rocket. We also know about the famous Marowak/Cubone tale from Lavander town.

4. Rhydon


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Rhydon’s first major role was in Riddle Me This, being one of Blaine‘s Pokémon. Blaine used a Rhydon against Ash during the first battle for Ash’s Volcano Badge.

3. Nidoking

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Gary Oak has a Nidoking that first appeared in The Battle of the Badge. He called on it to battle Giovanni‘s Golem during their Gym battle.

2. Golem


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Golem first appeared in The Bridge Bike Gang, under the ownership of Chopper, who used it against Ash in a battle.

#1. Nidoqueen

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Nidoqueen’s first appearance was in Mewtwo Strikes Back. A Nidoqueen owned by Fergus was one of the Pokémon that were captured and cloned by Mewtwo. The Nidoqueen clone was seen again in Mewtwo Returns, along with what was apparently a Nidoqueen baby despite the fact that Nidoqueen cannot breed and her unevolved form is Nidoran♀.
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