Pokemon GO: How to train at friendly Gyms!


Pokemon GO: How to train at friendly Gyms!


As we all know you can train at a friendly gym and gain XP, as’well prestige our gyms at the same time.

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Before you use this method you should find a discrete gym somewhere so when you start you’ll have enough time to train at without it being attacked, or you could always find a friendly gym.

Basically what you’d want to do is grab a Pokemon you can use to train with, and be sure to catch high CP Pokemon that they counter. So if you’re training with a Charizard you’re gonna want to train it against a Parasect or any other high CP grass type Pokemon that you can counter against.

Pokemon In Training | Pokemon Used to train

  • Charizard -> Parasect
  • Dragonite -> Lapras
  • Lapras -> Charizard
  • Electabuzz -> Gyarados/Vaporeon
  • Omastar -> Charizard
  • Golduck -> Arcanine
  • Wigglytuff -> Snorlax

The method is very simple, you can use websites like TheSilphRoad to find the best combined CP Pokemon that your Pokemon in training counters. The reason why you want to use the best CP is because you’ll get more for prestige. 

An example of a bad Pokemon to train against would be Wigglytuff, due to the fact that Wigglytuff can almost beat a majority of Pokemon even if they have double the CP.

There are some websites that can give you an exact list of Pokemon and the Pokemon that are able to beat them, such as Pokewin.


  • Take over a Gym in a Discrete area or find a friendly gym
  • Pick a Low/mid CP Pokemon to train with
  • Pick a Pokemon you counter against with high CP
  • Place the Pokemon you counter in the gym as a defender
  • Battle it!

Here’s a Video by Youtuber NickFromYoutube explaining gym training


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