Revival (Winter). ReLife (Spring), Re:Zero (Summer)

The ‘RE’ is so popular this year. In each anime season, we get to see a character reclaim his life. These three interesting shows are Boku dake ga Inai Machi (Erased), ReLife, and Re:Zero. I am not telling you which one is a better one, I am telling you to watch and enjoy all of them. Even though these anime series share the common theme, each of them is worth-watching in its own way.

The first big hit to come on screen is Boku dake ga Inai Machi, aka Erased in English.

Genre: Mysterious, Psychological, Seinen, Supernatural.

Good mysterious and psychological shows are hard to find and Erased is really an intriguing one.

Summary: Satoru Fujinuma, a 29-year-old manga artist, possesses mysterious and powerful ability ‘Revival’, which allows him to be sent back before accidents happen to save many lives. Erased is his journey to the past to uncover the truth 18 years ago to prevent tragedy striking his classmates and family.


Travelling back to the past is not something new. The main character goal is always to change something to save the present. Hence, Erased’s plot is predictable but it is logical with no plot hole. The art is ordinary and likable.

The most attractive thing that made me stay up all night to finish the whole series is the main character. He appears to be a normal person, living a mundane life but even a person like him could become hero, become what he wants to be if he decides to take action.


Fujinuma does not only express his analysis and prediction on the turn of events but also his understanding of himself. Hitting the age of 29, Fujinuma found himself unable to become a manga artist since his life is empty. “Every day the words cross my mind. If I had done this back then…But they don’t take the sincere form of regret. The words are just an excuse that come to mind, then disappear”. And life does not give him a break as the serial murderer who killed his classmates in the past has returned. To protect his present, Fujinuma musters all of his regrets for not being able to save anyone, uses ‘Revival’ to recreate the past, in which he can save them all.

Of course, thing is easier said than done. With his earnest wish to save his friends, he is able to gather all the help he needs from his classmates, teacher and family. And this is the most vital point that changes everything. His miserable life is because of the blank spaces, empty holes in his life, which can only be filled by other people.

Photo: The story is told from Fujinuma’s point of view so whatever he doesn’t know, you as viewers don’t know, and his questions about what happened in the past are also your questions. Those questions can only be solved by clicking for the next episode. Watching Fujinuma reliving his past, you will be drawn to his calculations, schemes, plans and the outcomes of his actions.

The feelings you get from Erased come from not only the mysterious and psychological features that make you want to try to be Sherlock Holmes, but also the meaningful life lessons and touching moments of family and friendship and love.

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